A worship service was held hours after the fire destroyed the church in Ravenna

RAVENNA, Michigan – A congregation held a Sunday service less than a day after a fire destroyed their church.

The fire in the first reformed church in Ravenna broke out on Saturday afternoon and lasted all evening. The Ravenna Fire Department called about seven different agencies to help fight the blaze, which was difficult because there was only one fire hydrant nearby.

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Eventually tankers with water were used to extinguish the fire. However, it reignited overnight on Sunday morning, taking many memories with it.

“I have a lot of memories in this church. I got married in church. My father and my uncle participated in the construction of the sanctuary in the early sixties. My four children were baptized in the church. some of them got married here,” church member Geraldine Eadie said.

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Fortunately, no lives were lost in the fire. Although the building is gone, other churches in the area have opened to provide members of the First Reformed Church with a place to worship for Sunday service.

First Reformed Church of Ravenna

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The cross remains after a fire destroyed Ravenna’s first reformed church

“Even though behind me there is a burnt shell of a shrine where we were planning to worship today, by the grace of God our neighbors have opened their shrine and people have come to set up the chairs and it is a matter of community. It’s about people,” said First Reformed Church pastor Steve Vanderwoude.

Pastor Vanderwoude told Fox 17 it could take up to a few years before the church is completely rebuilt.

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