Assembly organized by Dundee Church in response to mass shootings

In response to the recent mass shootings across the country, the Justice and Mercy Ministries of Dundee United Methodist Church are organizing a protest called ‘Stand Up for Life’.

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“We are going to give a voice to our children and those innocently taken from us,” Senior Pastor L. Paul Lawson said of the event scheduled for Sunday. “When it starts to affect babies and children, we as a congregation had a spontaneous moment where we said this had to stop and we had to raise our voices, we had to raise the voices of those who can’t speak for themselves, we have to stand up with our children. »

Lawson said the event will be held in Dundee and will have attendees posting signs and praying.

“We’re just going to stand there and hold our signs and peacefully give voice to what’s going on,” Lawson said. “We recognize, but for the grace of God, that these could be our children, our grandchildren.”

In addition to the protest, the Lawson said the church plans to call on politicians to make changes to gun laws.

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“We believe that the function, one of the main functions, of government is to protect citizens. And it’s just chaotic,” Lawson said. “It just doesn’t make sense. And you know, there may or may not be a bipartisan solution coming, but we want to add our voices to that.

The event is due to start at 11.30am at the intersection of Main Street and Center Street in Dundee, outside City Hall and opposite Sheriff Station.

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