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BELPRE – Voters in Belpre will be making decisions regarding Belpre City Council, the Belpre Town School Board of Schools and a pair of alcohol issues involving proposed restaurants in one of the town’s neighborhoods.

Three races will be contested on November 2 for the city council, featuring registered candidates.

Four people will run for three seats on the At-Large Council. They include incumbent Dave Ferguson (R) and contestants John Ruth (R), Marvin Richter (I) and Paul Wallace (I).

∫ Ferguson, 69, has been involved with the town of Belpre for around 30 years, having previously served on the council and as director of the town’s security service. He is seeking his second two-year term of his current service and is also a Reserve Police Officer with the Belpre Police Service.

If re-elected, Ferguson said he was aware of many upcoming projects for Belpre, including needed work on the water pipes, sewer lines, water tower and others. He believes his current and previous experience with the city will be useful in these and other areas that the city will need to address in the future.

∫ Ruth works as a project manager for 3D Construction LLC. If elected to council, he said his goals include bringing unity to the council body so that time spent during council meeting is productive and efficient for the city’s future growth. He also wants to start reviewing and reviewing the current budget, looking at the region’s future growth and improvement needs and creating an action plan to complement them. He wishes to create a working partnership between the school council and the school council of the city of Belpre for the reconstruction of the city and its school system.

Ruth said he wanted to create outreach and support for the city’s youth and families, through interaction and involvement through a Mega Youth Center that creates positive family structure and values ​​as well. than a world-class training center for athletics. It will continue to support and strengthen the Belpre Police and Fire Departments so that they have the latest equipment needed to protect Belpre families and businesses.

∫ Richter, 45, is self-employed as a delivery driver and has never worked in public office before. He said his goal if elected to city council was to protect the private property rights of the citizens of Belpre, as well as to help the community grow.

“I want the community to know that I am for the people of Belpre, not for the town of Belpre”, he said.

∫ Wallace, 55, is a pawnshop and has never been in public office before.

If elected, Wallace has said he would like to hold the city accountable, support police and firefighters, closely monitor city spending and make sure all departments are on budget. All the grants for which a department is eligible, it wants to ensure that they go into its fund and not elsewhere.

“I want to represent the people, not my personal agenda”, he said.

In the first quarter, Floyd Alan Milhone (right) will take on writing contender Reed Byers.

∫ Milhone, 72, is retired and previously served on the board for a two-year term in the 1980s.

He wants to serve the residents of the first district and better serve the city of Belpré in general by being a voice for them on the council. He plans to speak regularly with his constituents and bring their concerns and interests to Council.

∫ Byers, 28, works as the Opioid Rapid Response Team Coordinator at Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department and Change Agent at GiveMore Connections. He said he was working to invest his time in building relationships and promoting health throughout the Ohio Valley.

“I have a unique story – like all of us – and mine includes many of the challenges we face in the Appalachians today. Homelessness, the justice system, poverty, mental health and addiction are all things that I have experienced firsthand and I am now using this experience to help others ”, said Byers.

If elected to the board, Byers would like to be a voice for the community. He would like to work on improving sidewalks across town, renovating or re-building tennis courts, and showcasing arts and culture starting with a mural project. It is important that young people in the community get involved in leadership and civic engagement, he said.

In the third quarter, Lyndsay D. Dennis (right) will face off against writing candidate Derek P. Hadfield.

∫ Dennis, 34, works as an Events and Membership Manager at the Parkersburg Art Center. She is making her first attempt to run for public office. She holds an associate’s degree in accounting where she also studied business management. She is a member of the Belpre Women’s Club and the Belpre Homecoming Committee where she is Treasurer, as well as Reunion Coordinator.

If elected, Dennis said she would listen to opposing opinions, research questions and resolutions, and give the best of herself in the post.

“Belpré is my house; I grew up here and I want to grow old here. I want to see it flourish, not only for me and its current residents, but for my son and his peers – future generations to come ”, she said.

∫ Hadfield, 34, is a retired military man and is making his first run for public office.

Hadfield said he would like to see more common sense brought to Belpre and his government. He would also like to work on specific projects and ideas, including better and safer pedestrian access on Lee Street Hill and Washington Boulevard.

“Just little things that would improve the daily life of the people of Belpre town; not focusing on big city politics, just common sense stuff that will work for us ”, he said.

Undisputed races for Belpre city council include: Larry Martin (R) for council chairman; Tina Nolan (R) for the municipal auditor; Jackie Cassady (R) for city treasurer; John McClead (R) for Second Ward City Council; and Steve Null as a writer for Fourth Ward.

The ballot will also include alcohol options in Belpre Fourth Quarter for two restaurants – Wings Etc. and Antonio’s.

In the Belpre City Schools Board of Education race, five people show up for three open seats. The nominees are Mollie Haught, Frank Meredith IV, Fred Meredith, Michael Miller and Leonard Wiggins II.

∫ Haught makes her first candidacy for public office as she seeks a seat on the education board.

Haught said she was conservative and her main focus in education was old-fashioned – she wanted every child to realize their potential, whatever they might be.

∫ Miller, 65, is currently serving his first term on the Belpre School Board.

“My goal is to continue to work hard for the community of Belpre to make the schools in the town of Belpre the best in the region and one of the best school systems in the state” he said.

∫ Frank Meredith, 59, is a repairman making his first candidacy for public office.

He said he would like to see open board meetings with more substance and is concerned about recent hiring decisions made by the board and district administration involving cuts in maintenance and service staff at the same time. than expensive professional hires. He would also like the current facilities in the district to be better maintained and said he was opposed to any new levies for the district.

∫ Fred Meredith, 64, has served on the school board for 12 years.

Its goal is to continue working with the board and administration, to be good stewards of taxpayers’ money. He also wants to make the schools in the town of Belpre a great academic environment and a safe school district.

∫ Wiggins, 62, served 12 years on the school board.

“I want to keep moving our school district forward, providing what children need to be successful” he said.

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