Black pastor remembered for building unity and raising others at Green Bay funeral


GREEN BAY, WB (WBAY) – The music played inside the Divine Temple of God in Christ church created an atmosphere of celebration rather than mourning for Lesley Carroll Green.

“Thank you, thank you Jesus. My soul life, ”sang her niece Ka-Ree Green at her uncle’s funeral on Wednesday.

The pews of Divine Temple Church were filled with people paying their last respects to Pastor LC Green. Face masks were worn by all present.

“Pastor Green has called us here to celebrate his life,” said officiating Superintendent Raymond Davis.

In the church, Green was remembered as a unifier, someone who brought together people from diverse backgrounds. Personal stories were shared of how he spent time at the YMCA to help fill his benches.

“Every day I was in this office with him, obtaining nothing but wisdom,” said Deacon Terry Cook. “He taught me to be a man, not an adult. He taught me how to treat my children.

Cook says it’s because of Green that he’s been sober for 13 years.

Church members say Green established the first black church in Green Bay, building a spiritual beacon for African Americans.

“It was very important in the fact that a lot of the things that we needed in the community, he was trying to see that we had them,” said Sharon Harper. She has been a member of the church for 22 years.

Harper says Green was forward looking and mentored many church members, supporting their efforts to engage with the community. One example is a basketball tournament organized with police officers.

“He was the father of many of us who didn’t have a father. That’s what he was to me. He was my father. I don’t want to get too emotional and start crying because I loved her so much.

Green has also helped build relationships and ease tensions between members of the African American community and the city police department. Mayor Eric Genrich reflected on the pastor’s impact at the joint council meeting last week.

“[This] is just a huge loss, unfortunately, for this community and for many of us personally, ”said Genrich.

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