Branson Charity Forgives Patients’ Past Debts and Penalties | KOLR


BRANSON, Mo. – The Faith Community Health board of directors has declared 2022 the “Year of Jubilee” for their organization, forgiving past debts and patient penalty charges at their clinic.

“The decision to write off all past debts underscores our mission to provide caring, compassionate care to
community, ”said Tom Willcox, chairman of the board of directors of FCH and pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Branson.

“Our Board of Directors realized that the disciplinary charge was preventing people from re-engaging with the clinic and had an additional impact on their health and therefore on their quality of life,” said Anne E. McGregor, Director Acting General of FCH. “We have seen time and time again that when men and women find affordable, quality housing for their health and medication needs, they are able to live better lives; committed to their families and communities.

The owners of Pasghettis Restaurant and Attraction, Babette and Nolan Fogle, donated the funds to pay off the clinic’s previously unpaid balance.

“We admire the work of Faith Community Health, the void they fill in our community is real and necessary. I didn’t hesitate for a second when I realized what the “Jubilee Year” was like, ”said Babette Fogle, board member of Faith Community Health.


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