Calvert City Council Reviews New Town Plan


Calvert City Council is considering a new plan for the city.

By Loyd Ford / The Lake News

Calvert City Council will take approximately two weeks to review the strategic plan developed for the City of Calvert by Chastain and Associates, a city planning firm located in Paducah. Stephanie Brown and Chastain and Associates presented the new strategic plan to Mayor Gene Colburn and council during their Monday afternoon meeting at Calvert Town Hall.

Every five years, cities in Kentucky are required to develop comprehensive plans that differ from strategic plans in that they deal more with best land use and infrastructure needs. Comprehensive plans sometimes use information from strategic plans to achieve their goals.

The new strategic plan sets out an action plan for the next five to seven years. The plan’s goals for the city include the development of a thriving economy, a crossroads of recreational trails, an alternative transportation community, the most beautiful city, a community with quality services and infrastructure, and a place to find a good home.

The plan also defines objections and actions designed to achieve the goals it sets. The goals were met after a large survey of residents of the town of Calvert. The results of the survey of residents of the town of Calvert are also included in the new strategy

plan. The plan is expected to extend until 2028.

Greer Excavating was the lowest bidder at $ 418,000 for the new stormwater catchment area to be constructed along 6e Avenue and rue des Cèdres. The new basin is designed to hold up to five inches of rain in a single 24 hour period. Capturing and slowing the release of water is the plan to reduce flooding in apartments in the town of Calvert and in all areas downstream, including 5e Avenue and in residential areas further downstream. The project brought in $ 82,000 less than expected.

After a review of the Shar-Cal Road shoulder widening project, Council decided to proceed with the work that was tendered on a unit basis by Jim Smith Construction Company. However, they agreed to look at the cost of the project once it knows how much material will need to be removed from areas of loose soil and allow their engineering company HDR, Inc. to decide whether the added shoulder will be. two feet. or four feet wide. They agreed to allow HDR, Inc. to proceed with the safest four-foot width as long as the project did not exceed a total of $ 200,000. If it exceeds a total of $ 200,000, then it will have to go back to City Council for approval.

Shar-Cal Road is owned by the city, and there is heavy truck traffic that has required major repairs. The city is trying to get the base of the road repaired so that it can withstand truck traffic and later pave the road.

The council also approved the sponsorship of the Marshall County Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year award at a cost of $ 1,500. This amount also includes the cost of a table at dinner.

In discussions after the meeting, the council voted to remove the alcohol ban from the rental agreement for the Civic Center’s main meeting room. They also increased the required deposit from $ 125 to $ 250. They did not increase the rental amount of the building. Anyone serving alcohol for sale in the Civic Center must comply with all city ordinances and CBA regulations.

In reports to the board, it was learned that grade work was about to begin on the new pickleball courts. When this project is complete, there will be four new pickleball courts. Engineering work has also started on the replacement of the highway bridge. 282. They are checking the soil density for the new bridge.


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