Capitola designates 41st avenue for RTC funding

One of the city’s busiest roads, 41st Avenue de Capitola could be given a facelift.

The City is struggling to fund the repaving of 41st Avenue, a project estimated at around $ 1.5 million. The project includes the repaving of the intersections of Capitola Road and Clares Road, and the repaving of the section of the 41st that leads to the outer city limits.

The city has the option of securing partial funding for the project through grants from the Santa Cruz County Regional Transportation Commission (RTC), which would help speed up the project schedule. The RTC will provide $ 11 million in grants for transportation projects across the county, with money coming from a mix of federal and state sources.

At the Capitola City Council meeting on Thursday, the council discussed plans to submit on its RTC grant application. Based on previous awards, the City expects to raise between $ 400,000 and $ 1 million in grants.

“(The 41st project) has an advantage in that we can scale it,” Steve Jesberg, city director of public works, said at the last council meeting.

For example, depending on how much money is given to the city, the funds could be used to repave only intersections, Jesberg said.

The other project recommended by Jesberg was the Kennedy Drive project, which would fund the construction of a new sidewalk from Sir Francis Avenue down the hill to Park Avenue.

Since the city already has the design for the Kennedy Drive project, grant funds could provide the money the project needs to be completed, Jesberg said.

The council voted unanimously to apply for RTC funds with the Kennedy Drive project and the 41st Avenue project. The rewards are expected in December.

The Council has also selected its new consultants who will support the city in the planning, design and construction of projects for the next five-year cycle.

Council selected Pavement Engineering Inc., a company with 30 years of road construction experience that will provide design services for pavement projects such as Bay Avenue and 42nd Street.

Kimley-Horn and Associates has been hired for traffic engineering and civil design projects, and will immediately begin work on transportation projects, including the Kennedy Drive project.

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