Christ Church Greenwich prepares 72,000 meals for Ukrainian refugees

GREENWICH, CT — The community of Greenwich came out strong last week for a good cause.

Christ Church Greenwich held its second emergency meal packathon on April 29. About 200 volunteers, some of whom even came from the tri-state area, helped prepare 35,000 meals for Ukrainian refugees on the border with Poland.

Over the course of a two-and-a-half-hour shift, teams of volunteers assembled four complete nutritious ingredients: a carbohydrate, dehydrated vegetables, a vitamin powder and a bean protein. Volunteers weighed the packages, sealed them and boxed them for distribution.

To date, Christ Church Greenwich and more than 400 volunteers have raised $27,200 to help those in need affected by the crisis in Ukraine and prepared 72,000 meals.

Co-chairs and parishioners Dan Broderick and Melissa Redmond organized volunteers and training, logistics, packing and food deliveries.

Lisa Tebbe is a parishioner of Christ Church Greenwich and an integral part of the church’s Ukrainian relief efforts. His parents were Ukrainian refugees.

“To know that we’re feeding people and there are people who really don’t know when their next meal is coming, or where, we’re going to meet that need,” Tebbe said in a press release.

“Everyone was so wronged by the Russian invasion,” added Reverend Marek Zabriskie. “Someone once said, ‘Look for the angels.’ Well, the angels are here.”

The shipment of the first packathon is expected to arrive in Poland on Tuesday. The shipping company, which picked up the container from the New Jersey docks, shipped the food to Poland for free.

Residents can donate to help fund Ukrainian relief by visiting the Christ Church Greenwich website.

You can also make a donation to help fund relief in Ukraine by visiting the Christ Church Greenwich website.

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