Cleaned St. Andrew’s Catholic Church Welcomes Visitors | Local News


Roanoke’s St. Andrew’s Catholic Church unveiled a new look this weekend – clean, crisp, bright.

Cleaning the shrine for the first time in 45 years required clear scaffolding up to the ceiling about 65 feet above the benches. A team of up to 50 people from a New York City architectural arts company washed and repainted all surfaces except the windows, which were previously updated.

Church services continued with parishioners seated in a forest of scaffolding posts.

The $ 1.2 million project, which was completed in August after three months of work, was presented over the weekend.

The apse’s blue dome, studded with stars, had turned dull and showed signs of water damage from a leaking roof. “Now it’s jumping a bit,” Roanoke County parishioner Aimee Valenzuela said at the open house.

Candle smoke, incense, dust and other airborne debris have accumulated since the sanctuary was last cleaned in 1975 and leaks damaged the plaster, which was repaired before it was cleaned. to be repainted.

“We brought it back to life,” said Wayne Gould, installations and maintenance coordinator. “It’s going to get dirty and people will notice things. When Father Anthony and I are long gone, someone will say, ‘Let’s clean up the church again.’ “

Reverend Anthony Ferguson, the parish vicar who also serves as a substitute pastor, was fascinated by the manual labor that went into cleaning the stations of the cross. “Everything shines,” he said.


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