Clergy urge community to remain peaceful during Ahmaud Arbery murder trial

A group of clergy gathered outside Glynn County Superior Court in Brunswick, Ga. On Friday morning, urging the community to remain peaceful and united despite their displeasure that an almost all-white jury sat in the trial white men. accused of having killed Ahmaud Arbery, a black.

“We want to recognize that we are hearing and seeing your disappointment at some of the discoveries in the justice process that have taken place,” said John Davis Perry II, a local minister. “Despite all of these disappointments, as religious leaders we stand together in declaring to remember that we are serving a God who does not sleep. ”

He added, “We want to encourage you to keep the faith and continue to walk in the spirit of unity because God has promised that he will be with us throughout the process. ”

Mr Arbery’s aunt Thea Brooks said the presence of clergy brought some peace to the Arbery family and the Brunswick community.

Ms Brooks said she anticipated that having to see the video of Mr Arbery’s murder, which took place on February 23, 2020, would be particularly difficult for her family. Mr Arbery’s mother, who is in the courtroom, had yet to see the video, she said.

But Ms Brooks said she was ready for the trial to begin.

“It’s been almost two years since we’ve been here, we’ve had to watch the video, hear the motions, go through the pre-trial hearings, in and out of court for the motions and it’s wreaking havoc on you,” she said. . . “Now that we’re here, we just want things to go smoothly, to get it done, to be done, for justice to be served so that we can move on and close this chapter of our lives.” “

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