Cross-community religious service for victims planned

Victims activist Kenny Donaldson. Photo: Jonathan Porter/Press Eye

The South East Fermanagh Foundation (SEFF) organizes “1972 Remembered – 50th Anniversary” with St Columb’s Cathedral. The event is at 7:30 p.m.

SEFF Director of Services, Kenny Donaldson, said: “Nearly 500 people died as a result of the ‘Troubles’ of 1972 and nearly 5,000 were injured. We are aware that many of these families feel forgotten and others feel marginalized. We have therefore worked with St. Columbus Cathedral to develop this service which we hope will provide an opportunity for collective remembrance and solidarity among innocent people from all religious and political backgrounds. We are again in the lead and we call on the others to react positively”.

Mr Donaldson said the aim was to provide “time for reflection for those seriously affected by the violence; the bereaved, the injured and those who witnessed as well as those who supported the aftermath of the incidents”.

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He added: “All must finally recognize that there is no legitimacy in resorting to violence in the pursuit or defense of a political objective; to claim there was is to continue the lie that fueled the violence that led this place to civil war.” Mr Donaldson concluded by inviting “all innocent people, especially those affected by the violence of 1972” to attend.

Register for the service with the SEFF office on 028 677 23884 by selecting option 1.

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