Crushing a tough economy may be church’s finest hour

We live in perilous economic times. Skyrocketing prices for gasoline, food and housing. Galloping inflation crushes the outsiders.

People are suffering everywhere. What is the solution?

Government has the ability to do a lot of good for the welfare of its people, and we certainly want it to do that. Yet, according to the Bible, this may be the finest hour of the church. The book of Acts tells us of a church that responds to the needs of the forgotten, ignored, neglected, desperate and needy.

We are major partners of City Church bringing hope to the homeless. We are also major partners with Grassroots Healthcare, which provides a free medical clinic to the community. Our church offers hope and help to those who just need to get back on their feet.

I think of a man who joined our church. The overwhelming circumstances of life made him dependent, homeless and jobless. He came to City Church a broken man. Yet, after graduating from the program, he is back behind the wheel of his truck, he has a place to live, and he no longer has an addiction.

It is then that the Gospel becomes credible. It is the love of Jesus in action through his people. May he use his people to stand aside in this desperate hour of economic crisis.

Reverend Greg Davidson is pastor of Trinity Baptist Church and can be contacted at [email protected].

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