Custom builder moves into new office after repurposing old church building

A longtime custom home builder in Wilmington recently completed a unique office project and will showcase it at an open house on Friday.

PBC Design + Build has established its own office in the former Pearsall Memorial Presbyterian Church Community Hall at 3902 Market Street.

The nearly 25-year-old company had moved to various locations, moving to 314 Walnut St. in downtown Wilmington in 2013. PBC moved from there to their new digs on Market Street about three weeks ago.

The office is 4,200 square feet and the building was designed by architect Leslie Boney Jr. in the 1960s.

PBC has put its own mark on the exterior and interior of the historic structure.

“You can come in and see some unique design features that we would only do out of pure celebration of our craft and also because this is our space designed for us by a great architect, Michael Kersting and his team. “ said Dave Spetrino, president of PBC.

An open house will be held at the new PBC office at 3 p.m. Friday.

The office building is the first phase of a 14-acre multi-phase development in and around the church, which was built in 1912.

The next phases of the project will involve Switchyard, an apartment community slated to contain 192 apartments, with 48 two-bedroom units and 144 one-bedroom / studio units.

In a future phase, the old sanctuary will be transformed into a restaurant space, Spetrino said. While the interior of the church is being renovated, he said, he has no plans to demolish it.

Spetrino said he believes this part of Market Street is “an area that will improve over the next two decades” and the trading floor has given PBC the opportunity “to take a unique space and appropriate it while respecting the people who came before us. “

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