Dawson Springs Church bounces after tornado

DAWSON SPRINGS, Ky. (WFIE) – After being hit hard by a deadly tornado, a church in Dawson Springs is determined to be a haven for others.

A man from Dawson Springs says it’s hard to describe how it feels when you wake up and realize you’ve lost your home.

“I don’t know, I’m just a little empty right now,” said Hargis Dees, who lost his home in the tornado. “I mean, just, I don’t know.”

As the tornado ravaged the landscape, Dees found refuge in a friend’s basement. Before that, he was in the heated shelter of the Church of Redemption City, a building that took a hit in the storm. The pastor of the church says the area is in shock.

“It has been devastating for our community,” said Pastor Brad Shuck. “It’s a small community, and as a small community, you know, we are suffering together, and right now we are suffering together.”

With the devastation barely behind them, church officials began planning the night reopening to be a place of refuge for those in need. This is all made possible by members of another church in Providence, Ky. Who show up early in the morning to help try to put the building back in place.

With no electricity or gas in the area, they hope to provide more than a warm place to sleep and a hot meal for those in need.

“Maybe just bring a little sense of joy in the midst of a lot of sadness,” Shuck said.

The pastor says the community is starting to come together. Even those who have lost everything think of others as they try to express what they think.

“A little bit of everything, I mean, I feel bad for everyone,” Dees said. “I mean, it’s total destruction, nobody has anything.”

Church officials say they expect to house at least ten people on Saturday night, but they are keen to help as much as they can.

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