De-stress: Champagne Apothecary offering self-care products in Westfield

There’s a new business in Westfield betting on people’s need to combat tension with lotions, games and puzzles.

Champagne Apothecary opened on School Street. The company targets people looking for new and inventive ways to unwind. Personal care is big business in America, with skincare alone accounting for over $17 billion in annual sales.

Champagne Apothecary has a full line of skincare products, but owner Amber Champagne-Matos says there’s more to it than lotions and creams. That’s why she sells coffee, tea, games, puzzles, essential oils and some art supplies.

“Not everyone likes skincare. It’s not the only way to take care of yourself. There are many other ways, and those things are just as important. They’re good ways to look after yourself. giving back to yourself. Each person has their own passion behind what they love and what makes them feel good,” she said.

Champagne-Matos said there was a growing need for personal care because the political, economic and global scenes were stressing people out.

“Self-care is so important to people and a lot of them don’t take care of themselves. With everything going on, people are recognizing how important self-care is to their mental and physical health,” she said.

Champagne Apothecary is in a downtown area dominated by women-owned and operated businesses. She said almost every one of the ten businesses near her store were owned by women.

“What an amazing group of women to be a part of. We’re not just associates and colleagues. We’re also good friends. We support each other in any way we can. We all have our own strengths and we use them to help each other. become better business owners. It’s great to have people who understand what you’re dealing with because they’re going through the same thing,” she said.

Champagne-Matos was born and raised in Holyoke. Her husband is from Westfield. They lived together in the city for several years before moving to Huntington Beach, California in 2014. Champagne-Matos founded his business there and spent 10 years on the West Coast before returning to Westfield in 2021 to be with his family.

Champagne-Matos said her return to Westfield made her feel nostalgic as she thought back to a time when the downtown business district was teeming with shoppers. She wants to be part of a business resurgence in the city.

“Westfield town center has really grown over the past two years. Shops are opening and we are really in a pivotal period. We are heading in a good direction and things are really starting to look up. There’s a lot of newness and excitement around building a vibrant downtown,” she said.

Champagne-Matos is betting that people will continue to treat themselves and look for ways to feel good. “Taking care of yourself builds confidence. There are always new products coming out because people are constantly looking for new ways to feel good about themselves,” she said.

Champagne Apothecary is located at 38 School Street. The phone number is 413-579-5077 and the website is

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