Don Quick & Associates Staff Remembers Founder’s Legacy

Don Quick (center) is seen with his team in 2019 after winning a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Round Rock Chamber. (Photos courtesy of Don Quick & Associates)

Don Quick & Associates has served the Round Rock area and beyond since 1970, providing real estate and brokerage services to the community.

Founded by Don Quick, whose family has a long history in the town of Round Rock, the company provides client-focused commercial real estate services such as landlord and rental representation, tenant representation, real estate advice and management. property management.

In 2018 Quick celebrated its 50th anniversary as a real estate agent followed in 2020 by the 50th anniversary of Don Quick & Associates. However, in late June and early July 2021, he and his wife, Eugenia “Jeanie” Quick, died after long battles with non-Hodgkin lymphoma and cancer, respectively.

The company is now run by their son, Darren Quick, who has worked with the company since 1996.

“Don left a legacy of operating with integrity while meeting the commercial real estate needs of the Central Texas community,” said Darren. “We are grateful for the business relationships that Don has created and that we have continued to grow and prosper. “

Don Quick & Associates agent Brent Campbell said his experience working with Quick was that he cared deeply about his team and his clients, bringing a “servant mentality” to his work.

“If you want to know what really sets us apart, it’s this mentality that [Don] brought to our business, ”said Campbell. “How much he cared about people, how much he cared about us, how much he cared about the details of everything and how much he really cared about his family at work and his family of people for who he was working for. “

When it comes to helping clients decide what’s best for them, Caitlin Morales, a certified support agent and office operations administrator, said Quick looks for what would be best for everyone involved. .

“Her favorite thing was ‘all the boats go up at high tide,’” Morales said. “If you uplift the people around you, everyone will be successful. Don has never been on his own.

Morales said Quick and Jeanie were very active in their office long after retirement. They frequently consulted with agents and offered help where they could, he said.

There is a wealth of knowledge in the office of Don Quick & Associates, Campbell said, and it is learned through lived experience.

“The people who start with us don’t go anywhere else, and they really take care of their people,” Campbell said.

Don Quick & Associates

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