Don’t go nationwide to throw on FC


In marked departure for us compared to the standard, the News-Press gives us space in his editorial this week to reprint in its entirety a passionate letter from longtime FC City Council member David Snyder. It expresses a feeling shared, we are convinced, by a large majority of citizens here who are proud of their community, even with its faults, and do not take lightly someone who shines a critical national spotlight here.

Snyder’s comments are powerful and a solid reminder to all of the many citizen volunteers who serve here that no one should take lightly those who cavalierly flout the public service values ​​they hold dear, such as service to the local school board, especially when they take a national projector price to do so. Snyder’s statement reads as follows:

“As recently as last week, a nationwide objective community ranking placed the Church in the Town of Falls third out of 500 jurisdictions for our quality of life and good government. It reflects the hard, dedicated and long-standing work of all of our citizens, local newspapers and government to create and maintain a unique place to live.

“All voices must be heard, and I am committed to it. On the other hand, I must challenge the negative, unfair and inaccurate stereotypes of our community and our citizens, on all sides who take the “if it ain’t broke, break it” approach at Falls Church.

“We have long struggled and will continue to tackle many critical questions such as how to provide the highest quality education, how best to understand all aspects of our history – good and bad – and how to order that protects everyone. And the latest conversations and developments are no exception, whether or not I agree with every action.

“Even as we as a community continue to tackle these difficult issues, one thing is clear: Based not only on my opinion, but also on objective national rankings, Falls Church is categorically not broken.

“And, as I pledge to do all I can to listen to everyone and engage constructively in all issues, I must be clear that I will stand up for all of our people and our government. to be unfairly characterized, or worse yet shattered, by the kind of extreme political polarization that too characterizes the national debate.

Republican loyalists who don’t want to have to kiss Trump’s behind are pushing the debate away from all this mess and seizing more local issues to try and win hearts and minds. Unfortunately, they can quickly evolve into variations on outdated issues with distinctively racist overtones, like the sudden claim that schools are trying to force “critical race theory” down the throats of students.

This phrase, which is now Fox News and other right-wing media favorite law slogan, is for all intents and purposes fiction, a reference to an archaic academic category. But it can work for alarmist purposes.


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