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Metro seeks public input on ideas for E. Falls Church station

Metro announced that it is seeking public input on proposed bus loop expansion and pedestrian improvements at East Falls Church Station.

The station currently has four bus bays operating at maximum capacity. In coordination with Metro, Arlington County is looking to expand the footprint of the existing bus loop, upgrade existing bus shelters, and add three bus bays with shelters at the station.

The project also aims to improve sidewalks, crosswalks, lighting and landscaping in and around the station, including improving pedestrian crossings between the station entrance and the loop. existing bus on North Sycamore Street.

Improvements to bus capacity and pedestrian access are required to accommodate the anticipated growth in transit ridership at the station. East Falls Church Station is the first eastbound station that connects the Silver Line to the Orange Line, making it an important transfer point for train and bus riders. Public feedback on these proposed changes is essential as this project moves forward.

Custody alternatives are now being considered by the state group

A task force investigating options for increasing the use of alternative custody arrangements for people under an Emergency Custody Order (ECO) or Pretrial Detention Order (TDO) has held its first meeting on June 16. The task force, which is led by the Virginia Secretary of Health and Human Resources and the Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security, was convened under the direction of legislation passed during the session of the 2022 General Assembly in response to the continued strain on law enforcement by delayed admissions to inpatient psychiatric care.

Health and Human Resources Secretary John Littel pointed to the pressures on law enforcement in the ECO and TDO process as a symptom of larger problems across the behavioral health system, citing the need for better capacity, coordination and communication.

Travel options during metro construction

Members of the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission will review a number of alternative travel options available during major subway construction that will close Blue and Yellow Line stations in Northern Virginia and hear the results of an analysis NVTC-led transit ridership trends throughout the Covid-19 pandemic at their monthly meeting tonight in Arlington.

NVTC staff worked with Metro and Northern Virginia transit providers to bring attention to the many alternate routes available to riders as Metro completes two major construction projects that will impact Virginia train stations. North. DASH, Fairfax Connector and OmniRide have existing service to transport passengers from areas affected by the shutdown to the Pentagon, to downtown Washington or both. Additionally, Virginia Railway Express (VRE) provides access from Franconia-Springfield and Alexandria Town stations to L’Enfant Plaza and Union Station.

At the Commission meeting, Metro staff will provide details of upcoming construction work that will close Blue and Yellow Line stations in Northern Virginia starting this fall.

Metro will begin rehabilitation of the Yellow Line bridge and tunnel over the Potomac River on September 10. Simultaneously, Metro will begin work connecting the new Potomac Yard station between Ronald Reagan National Airport and Braddock Road. The Potomac Yard works will close the blue and yellow lines south of the airport for six weeks. Once this work is complete, all stations will reopen but there will be no Yellow Line service. The Blue Line will serve all stations south of the airport until work on the Yellow Line Bridge/Tunnel is complete in the spring of 2023. Metro will provide shuttle service during both construction phases.

Senator Warner wants Tik-Tok parent investigated

Virginia Senator and Intelligence Select Committee Chairman Mark R. Warner joined Vice President Marco Rubio in urging the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to formally investigate TikTok and its parent company, ByteDance.

The appeal follows recent reports that the social media platform allowed TikTok engineers and executives in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) to repeatedly access US users’ private data despite repeated claims legislators and users that this data was protected.

This includes instances where US-based staff had to consult their China-based colleagues for information about US user data, as they did not have access to the data on their own. The revelations undermine longstanding claims by TikTok management that the company’s operations were shielded from demands by the Chinese Communist Party.

The report also highlights TikTok’s misrepresentation of the company’s relationship with ByteDance and its subsidiaries, including Beijing-based ByteDance Technology, which is partly owned by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

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