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Pastor Mike Brake kicks off 12 Days of Christmas in Los Alamos with a live event on Facebook. Courtesy photo


The idea arose out of the 2020 pandemic vacation. “It was so much fun, we’re doing it again,” said Pastor Mike Brake, senior pastor of Freedom Church in Los Alamos. The whole community is invited to participate. Events start Monday, December 13 on a special Facebook event page and run through Christmas Day.

A time to have fun

The events will be fully hosted on Facebook,

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Each day throughout the event, Freedom Church will unlock 1 of 12 daily “freebies”, much like 2020, but with exciting new additions. The most popular events will be back, including the super fun scavenger hunt and Pizza Giveaway Day. In addition, there will be a Spotlight on Small Business Day, a cookie recipe exchange, Christmas carols and a “Survive the Vacation” bereavement support group, to name a few.

Most days will include prizes and freebies. Some will occur within 12 days, while others will occur completely within a 24 hour period. More details can be found at Christmas in Los Alamos 2021 (

A time to give back

Freedom Church will also donate at least $ 10,000 to the community of Los Alamos during the 12 days.

“One hundred percent of this money will go directly to Los Alamos residents in need, local small businesses and nonprofits, and some to the contest winners,” said Pastor Mike. “We are delighted to continue to offer ‘Christmas in Los Alamos Care Finder’ this season at Freedom Church Care Finder ( where anyone can submit claims on behalf of families, individuals. or small businesses in the community. We will work with them to meet this need. It really is a community building exercise where if you see a need you can meet that need! “

“Since we started in 2018, Freedom Church has donated over $ 60,000 to families in need in Los Alamos as well as to local businesses. We are on a mission to love Los Alamos unconditionally. ”

A time for encouragement and community building

The 12-day event will also feature several live streams on Facebook with messages of hope, an account of Jesus’ birth, as well as inspiring life-changing stories. It will end with a special Christmas Eve service by outdoor candlelight under the lights at Ashley Pond (4:45 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.)

Pastor Mike further expects that “people who participate in any of these planned online activities will find hope. In what has been another difficult year for Los Alamos, you can find help and encouragement this Christmas season. You can even have fun and you don’t have to do it alone.

Freedom Church goes out of its way to provide a low pressure environment where you will feel welcome. A church member said: “The mental / spiritual battles during this pandemic are huge. That’s why I’m so grateful to have the connections I have at Freedom because I don’t have to face these battles alone. I can open up, share and find encouragement to keep taking my next steps.

“So many people feel like they don’t belong or have no value,” said Pastor Mike. “We want people to feel welcome and valued. “

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