Hope City congregation returns to church a month after lightning strike

DULUTH, MN – This week marks a month since Duluth’s Hope City Church was suddenly struck by lightning.

The strike caused enormous damage to one of the spiers of the century-old church.

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Since the strike, the Hope City congregation has not been able to return inside the building, but that changed on Sunday morning with the return of their first service.

“It’s wonderful,” said Hope City pastor Mark Pavola. “We’re pretty overwhelmed that we’re back so quickly.”

The congregation held the service in the basement of the church, then offered members the chance to see the destruction firsthand.

Standing in the sanctuary of Hope City Church, you wouldn’t necessarily think he was struck by the lighting just a month ago. Yet in the upper left corner of the building, towards the damaged bell tower, you can see cracks, holes, and other damage from this strike.

“We took it back to a certain level where most of the damage was greater, covered it with a long-term temporary tarp, then one of those interior walls was damaged, so we had to build a wall. inside, ”Pavole said.

After a month of uncertainty, Pavola says they knew everything would be fine in the end.

They trusted their faith every step of the way.

“What we could see with our eyes was pretty bad, it looked bad, and it was bad, but our faith always allowed us to go on and say that God has a plan in all of this,” said Pavola.

Pastor Pavola says service is scheduled to resume in the shrine next Sunday.

If you would like to donate to Hope City’s restoration efforts, click here.

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