Inflation forces struggling families to turn to church

DAYTON, Ohio — Rising food and housing costs have forced many families to turn to churches for help.

What do you want to know

  • The East Dayton Fellowship Church sets up every Friday and distributes food and clothing
  • The pastor said volunteers have helped hundreds of people every week and the need is growing with inflation
  • For a mother, she gets enough food and clothes for her eight children with the help of the church

Stephanie Cremeans has eight children and she said it was hard to keep up.

She said she lost her job and was worried she wouldn’t be able to pay the rent.

“The extra stress you feel can be out of a house anytime and if we’re out of a house we don’t get food stamps and (the) shelter turned us away,” Cremeans said. .

That’s why free food and clothes mean everything to his family.

She received enough food to feed her children lunch and dinner, and enough clothes so they each had something to wear.

“Right now, because I was able to do it today, I was able to put gas in the tank so I could get to the grocery store. It’s sad that it’s so tight, but it really is,” Cremeans said.

His family is one of hundreds that East Dayton Fellowship Church helps.

“We usually serve at least or about 200 meals, sometimes more than that,” Pastor Zach Spidel said.

Spidel said they had been distributing food and clothing for a year and a half and the needs had only increased.

“The need in our community is really great, one of the cool things about this ministry is that a lot of people who started out looking for help are now giving help,” Spidel said.

That’s why he said they will continue to donate and settle in church every Friday and help families, like the Cremeans, get some rest.

“I love things like this where I have that stressful minute,” Cremeans said.

If you need help, know someone who does, or would like to volunteer, click here to find the food/clothing donation schedule.

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