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Linda Sweezer Ministries partners with House of Peace Worship Church International to deliver food and other supplies to residents of southern Louisiana affected by Hurricane Ida.

“I had watched the news and saw how destructive Hurricane Ida had been in New Orleans and was really worried,” said Reverend Linda Sweezer, who heads the television ministry and is pastor of House of Peace.

“They are not very far from us and Hurricane Nicholas hit them just after Ida. I took it in front of the church family and asked them if they wanted to see if there was anything we could do.

“I have decided to let the television ministry take the lead so that we can reach out and leave the church and the community partner.”

The food drive is not the first time House of Peace has donated items to an area in need. The church delivered pallets of water to Jackson in March, which was having problems with the water supply system following the winter ice storm that hit the area.

Sweezer said Dejuan Williams, a church partner who drives an 18-wheeled vehicle with a 53-foot trailer, offered his truck and driver services to help with the effort and deliver the items.

“He was excited about it; he was ready to do it, ”she said.

Sweezer then contacted the New Home Family Worship Center in New Orleans, which has churches in Baton Rouge and Hammond, Louisiana, to receive the shipment of items and distribute them.

The partnership between the churches, Sweezer said, was perfect.

“They were already a hub for the products that were coming in, so we were happy to have found a place we could go once we got to this side,” she said.

Currently, she said, the church and the television ministry are asking for donations of goods for the shipment.

“We collect goods and people bring donations of money, so I’m going to buy a lot of non-perishable items like water,” she said.

Donations are kept in the church gymnasium at 1301 Holly St.

“We have a very large gymnasium. We have room for a whole bunch of stuff and the 18 wheeler will come and load it; we’re going to load in the back of the church, ”Sweezer said.

Because the items will be delivered on October 9, she said people are encouraged to bring their donations to the church by October 6. If people wish to donate money for items, they can do so online through the church’s CashApp or CashApp Ministries. .

“We have the pallets there, so we’ll be putting them (the goods) on the pallets next week,” Sweezer said. “Our goal is to fill it (the trailer). I told my people that is what we are planning; God fulfills this trailer. We don’t want to go that far and not have a full trailer, especially since we’re going to be contributing a lot for other areas.

“The Lord put on my heart to do something and we did it. We will leave early on the 9th and head there. We are going to Baton Rouge and the members of New Home will distribute in the other regions, ”she said.

Anyone wishing to donate food or other supplies or money, or who wants to help load the truck can call 601-630-3362 or 855-540-0720.

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