Local Church Distributes Free Helmets and Bikes at Health and Safety Event | Local News

Locklear would like to make seminars like the one offered on Friday more frequent. They have organized something similar in the past, but nothing to scale this week. But if they can encourage the kids to go out, ride their bikes, and be more active, that would be great.

“If you get someone young and teach them good habits at a young age, that sticks with you,” Locklear said. “I read something a long time ago that said that if a youngster gets into cycling at a young age, he will stay with him all his life and he will stay healthy.

“Like, someone like me, I started riding when I was 12 or 13, it’s more than just going around the neighborhood, like riding a bike and here I’m 49 and I ride always, so it kind of sticks to you. It not only teaches you how bikes work and how complex machines work, but it kind of gives you power and gives you a little bit of independence.

Morrison’s message for health and wellness goes even beyond jumping on a bike. For the past few weeks, she has worked alongside El Puente Hispano to help their community get their COVID-19 vaccines as well as their flu shots.

“We did it last year and we were able to vaccinate over 75 people for free and the flu shots are not free,” she said. “For many in our Latino community, they are desperate for a flu shot because if you can’t work you don’t get paid, and if you don’t get paid you don’t eat.

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