Man guilty of illegally selling guns linked to shootings

A Kansas City man will soon be sent to federal prison after being convicted of illegally selling 15 guns, some related to shootings, federal prosecutors said.

Mickael Oliver, 27, faces at least seven years in prison after being convicted of selling stolen firearms and selling a gun to a convicted felon, among other charges, according to state prosecutors. Western Missouri District.

Detectives began investigating Oliver at the age of 22, after 3-year-old Marcus Haislip III was shot and killed in May 2017 near East 54th Street and Park Avenue, court records show. Witnesses said the suspect “may have come from Oliver’s nearby residence and fled.”

Police questioned Oliver, but they said his statement “had no substance to identify the shooter or to press charges.”

Earlier this year, Jackson County prosecutors charged another man, Derrick Wren Jr., 28, with second degree murder in the murder of the toddler.

In 2017, The Star reported that Oliver’s home had been linked with a “staggering amount” of violence, including the death of a man who was fatally shot in the driveway. A prosecutor has previously called Oliver’s potential risk to public safety “off the map.”

Oliver’s conviction this month stems from the illegal sale of firearms and the theft of a confidential source who had cooperated with agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Prosecutors said four of the guns sold by Oliver or his associates were stolen. Three other residents of the metropolitan area were indicted in the case, two of whom were sentenced to five to six years in prison.

Some of the guns have been linked to local shootings, although no charges have been filed, prosecutors said.

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