Marvin United Methodist Church members honored for their preservation

TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Historic Tyler, Inc. (HTI) presented Marvin United Methodist Church with the annual Historic Preservation Award for the restoration of the sanctuary’s original stained glass windows.

HTI’s annual meeting took place on Thursday, September 16, 2021 at the Willow Brook Country Club.

Claudia H. Carroll, Chair of the Board of Trustees of HTI, said: “We are delighted to recognize the members of the Marvin United Methodist Church for the restoration of the original stained glass windows of the shrine, which undoubtedly contribute to the historic integrity of downtown Tyler. “

The church was founded in 1848 and the original windows date from 1891 when the sanctuary was built. There are only four pictorial windows at the rear of the sanctuary which are not from the original construction of the sanctuary.

Marvin’s members began to notice that the windows were in urgent need of restoration and inspection revealed that the interior framing had started to separate from the stained glass elevations.

The restoration began in February 2019 and took a total of 11 months. The initial window removal was aided by a crane and in three main phases, sent to Minnesota for a two-day trip in tow.

“The Annual Meeting is the highlight of the past year, a time to celebrate not only the preservation efforts of our Preservation Award recipient, but also our efforts to preserve the historic Tyler landscape. Despite these unprecedented times… we recognize that our success is only made possible through the support of the community and appreciate the opportunity to recognize the caring citizens of Tyler, ”said Ashley Washmon, Executive Director of Historic Tyler.

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