National Highway Safety Authority Engages Church Leaders in “Stay Alive” Campaign

An NRSA official and some religious leaders in a group photo

The Eastern Region National Road Safety Authority has engaged pastors and elders of Kwahu West Municipality in a “stay alive” campaign to help reduce traffic accidents this Christmas this year and in the years to come.

According to the Authority, the motive behind the exercise is to get information through them to members of their church.

At Nkawkaw Pentecost Adoagyire Central today, the Eastern Regional Head of the National Road Safety Authority, Mr. Dennis Yeribu, said the seizure of “false lamps” has not been halted but the exercise is still in progress.

According to him, there are two main factors that contribute to road accidents, overtaking and reckless driving.

Mr. Dennis Yeribu said that the reason they decided to involve churches in this campaign is because churches have a large number of people to whom they can easily disseminate their information.

He noted that there are other divisions that also engage drivers, motorcyclists, passengers and pedestrians.

“Our engagement with churches will continue into next year and beyond. We have now obtained space from the Kwahu West assembly, so now we are trying to establish it and equip it. We aim for the office to be fully established by next year and start functioning properly, ”he added.

Speaking on mandatory driver training, he said NRSA has partnered with DVLA, MTTD and others to provide more recent mandatory training, especially for commercial bus drivers they have agreed through their various groups.

The start of the program was supposed to start in November, but due to a few challenges they had to postpone it, but it will start next year.

According to him, the motivation behind the training is to help drivers learn and adapt to new things that arise.

At the same time, he said they would hire long-haul vehicle owners to have two drivers per bus and pay them wages to help reduce speeding tickets and accidents.

Mr. Dennis Yeribu appealed for the support of cooperation agencies to help them with equipment.

Agoo news Ebenezer Amoako reports that some of the participants applauded the decision of the national road safety authority saying that they called on the authority to involve drivers more by educating them about road signs as well.

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