Nearly half of security owners say their system triggers too many false alarms

DALLAS, February 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In new research from Parks Associates, Quantified Consumer: Alerts and Alarms: Consumer Perceptions of Security Event Management, 48% of security system owners report that their system triggers too many false alarms. The research explores consumer attitudes, preferences and experiences of security event management among professionally monitored households.

“False alerts generate fines and frustration for users,” said Chris White, Principal Analyst, Parks Associates. “False alarms, caused by harmless factors like children or pets, can devalue the security system in several ways. Users can get into the habit of ignoring or disabling triggers. Fines resulting from unnecessary trips by a city’s emergency responders, who are on average almost $150also increase the cost of ownership of the system.

Parks Associates finds that 62% of security owners report that their system triggered at least one false alarm in the last 12 months. Of these, the majority have paid a fine, although there are state and municipal initiatives to fine security providers instead of house dwellers for false alarms. Many also require some form of due diligence of a genuine emergency before contacting emergency responders. While the security industry has so far successfully pressured seven states to pass laws prohibiting local municipalities from imposing fines on security providers, the best outcome for all is to reduce and finally to eliminate false alarms.

“The development and integration of AI and video verification solutions are important initiatives in the industry to reduce false alarms and avoid the need for such laws,” White said. “Monitoring providers such as Rapid Response Monitoring and Noonlight are increasingly using AI-based video verification to verify that an alert is real before the alert is sent to monitoring personnel, helping to generate monitoring services at ever lower prices Noonlight provides monitoring for Wyze and Canary security products for only $10 per month to the end user.”

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