New polling place for nearly 40% of Hall County voters

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) – Redistricting has had a significant impact in Hall County.

“Almost 40 percent of Hall County voters will have a different polling place for the 2022 election,” said Hall County Elections Commissioner Tracy Overstreet. “In the days, weeks and months to come, voters will hear and see repeated messages that many polling places have changed and now is the time to find your new polling place.”

The easiest way to find your new voting location is to go online to Nebraska Voter Verification.

Voters can search for the new polling place either by name or residential address. Maps showing the new precinct boundaries are available online at the Hall County website, under electoral commission, printed maps.

Physical maps are also on display at the Hall County Administration Building, Grand Island City Hall, Grand Island Public Library, Grand Island Chamber of Commerce, Multicultural Coalition, Wood Offices River City and offices in Cairo, Alda and Doniphan villages. .

Grand Island and Hall County electoral districts in 2022.(Hall County Election Commission)

“These changes affect over 13,000 voters and will be in place for the next 10 years,” Overstreet said. “Voters have time to prepare now so they can know where they are headed on Election Day.”

The bulk of the changes were brought about by the redistricting after the 2020 census. Grand Island now has three legislative districts instead of two.

“Legislative lines are hard limits on voting,” Overstreet said. “The constituency boundaries of each polling station cannot cross a legislative boundary – so one of the most significant changes is that we will have voters from Grand Island who are now in the Alda constituency, which means their polling place is Alda.”

A similar legislative line around the Central Nebraska Regional Airport places Hall County voters living north of the airport in a new electoral district. Their new polling place will be at the Resurrection Catholic Church – this location was chosen for rural voters to keep Northwestern School District voters together.

The Resurrection Catholic Church, 4110 Cannon Road, is one of many new polling places that have been added due to significant population growth on Grand Island.

Other new polling places include the Southern Public Power office, 4550 W. Husker Highway; and Abundant Life Church, 3411 W. Faidley Ave.

Some polling places were moved to improve accessibility for the Americans with Disabilities Act and curbside voting for voters with disabilities. First Faith Methodist Church, 4190 W. Capital Ave.; and St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, 1515 S. Harrison Street; were added for this reason, along with the Catholic Church of the Resurrection.

Seedling Mile Elementary School will cease to be a polling place for security reasons. Voters in this area will now vote at Grace Lutheran Church, 545 Memorial Drive, which has a brand new automatic door opener providing access to the polling place.

As part of accessibility improvements, a county and state grant program was used to add automatic door openers to Grace Lutheran Church, Fonner Park Café, Calvary Lutheran Church, the First Christian Church, the offices of Southern Public Power, the First Baptist Church in Cairo and the Alda community. Center.

“So these location changes come with some of the most progressive accessibility changes for Hall County voters since the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed more than 30 years ago,” Overstreet said. . “I applaud our poll partners for being open to these improvements that will not only serve Hall County voters on two election days, but will serve the community as a whole the other 363 days of the year. ”

Every voter in Hall County will receive a new voter registration card in the mail in March whether or not there has been a change.

“We’re sending over 34,000 postcards to let all voters know their polling place, as well as any changes in political representation, such as a new city council or school board ward,” Overstreet said. “This information is now available on NEBRASKA VOTER CHECK, which also offers language options.”

“Voters also have the option of requesting a mail-in ballot or voting early at the Hall County Elections Office from April 11 through May 9,” Overstreet said. “Get on NEBRASKA VOTER CHECK, find your polling place – we want everyone who wants to vote to be able to do so.”

Other notable changes:

St. Leo Catholic Church: This neighborhood was split in two due to the relocation of the legislative line from Highway 34 to Stolley Park Road. St. Leo’s voters who live south of Stolley Park Road will continue to vote in St. Leo’s. St. Leo’s voters who live north of Stolley Park Road will now vote at Abundant Life Church, 3411 W. Faidley Ave.

Form Park Cafe: Most Fonner Park voters who live outside the Grand Island city limits will now vote at either St. Leo’s Catholic Church, 2410 S. Blaine, or the Alda Community Center, 6410 W. Highway 30.

Northridge Assembly of God: Northridge Assembly of God voters will now vote at First Faith Methodist Church, 4190 W. Capital Ave. or Resurrection Catholic Church, 4110 Cannon Road.

School districts: Rural voters who live south of Interstate 80 will notice polling location changes by school district. Voters from the Doniphan/Trumbull, Adams Central and Aurora school districts will vote at the Doniphan Area Event Center, 103 W. Pine St. in Doniphan. Voters from the Kenesaw and Shelton School Districts will vote at the Wood River Community Center, 108 W. Tenth in Wood River. The majority of voters in the Northwestern School District will vote at Resurrection Catholic Church.

Cairo district: The eastern boundary of the Cairo precinct no longer stops at 80th Road – it extends to Engleman Road for voters living north of Airport Road. The precinct also extends further south to the Old Potash Freeway for voters west of 80th Road.

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