Philly Fighting COVID CEO Andrei Doroshin Must Destroy People’s Health Records – NBC10 Philadelphia

A graduate psychology student whose COVID-19 vaccination operation was halted by Philadelphia last year has settled with the state attorney general’s office and agreed to destroy all personal health information that his start-up has collected.

The deal was filed in Commonwealth Court on Friday and requires a judge’s approval to take effect.

At the heart of the accusations against Andrei Doroshin, who had almost no experience in public health when the city gave him the task, was that he intended to profit from the vaccination operation run by his start-up. , called Philly Fighting COVID.

Doroshin denied the attorney general’s office’s allegations, including violation of the state’s nonprofit corporations law.

Under the agreement, Doroshin and his associates are prohibited from managing charitable assets or soliciting charitable donations in Pennsylvania for 10 years.

Doroshin must also destroy personal health information collected through the Vaccine Pre-Registration Service and may not receive any financial benefit from such information or the vaccine.

Doroshin must also disband Philly Fighting COVID.

City officials said they gave him the job because he and his friends organized one of the community groups that set up COVID-19 testing sites across the city in 2020.

But they stopped the vaccination operation once they learned that Doroshin had changed its privacy notice to potentially sell patient data. He called it a problem which he quickly corrected.

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