Policy Brief: Republicans focus on school board and city council elections | Government-and-politics

Dem-dandies: Democratic candidates for state and congressional races have yet to be in the spotlight, but state party chair Alicia Andrews said announcements are expected in the weeks to come.

The nomination period for the 2022 election isn’t until April, and the primaries aren’t until June, but candidates typically knock on doors and make connections months or even years before the actual vote.

Andrews said she expected two or three Democratic gubernatorial candidates, including two unnamed “polar opposites”, at least one for the Senate and several in the 1st Congressional District.

Democrats are hoping to reclaim the 5th Congressional District, although this is due to a significant transformation through the redistribution.

Oklahoman has not elected a Democrat to a statewide post since 2006 or to the US Senate since 1990, and Democrats have been reduced to very small minorities in the legislature.

Andrews, however, said it was Republicans’ handling of COVID-19 in Oklahoma that gave his party a chance.

“It’s a building process,” she said. “It’s not something where we can flip a switch and suddenly be in the majority.

“But, as time goes by and more and more children get sick (due to COVID), I think (voters) are going to realize that they have gone to extremes. . I think that will help us, ”she said.

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