Students from Presby Kindergarten walk into First United Methodist Church on Wednesday to deposit items in the church’s community closet. Photo provided.

Pupils at Presby Kindergarten were able to drop donations into the community closet at the First United Methodist Church in Warsaw on Wednesday and today.

Courtney Brown, deputy director of Presby Preschool, said the event was called the Presby Service Project.

Presby Preschool has been collecting hygiene items, household cleaning supplies and other items for about a month, Brown said. The Community Closet requested mainly hygiene products like toothbrushes, soaps, toothpaste and household items like laundry detergent. No food was requested.

“And then we had the kids each carry an item and physically drop it off in the closet themselves,” Brown said.

Brown said Community Closet needs to provide different materials to people in the community who need help.

Presby Kindergarten students and their families purchased and brought the donated items to the community closet. There was a place in the hallway outside the preschool where the students could drop off the items themselves “and we got to watch him grow up,” she said.

On Wednesday and today, items were placed on a table and the students were able to choose an item to take with them and the students physically handed it over to the “closet people who manage it,” Brown said. Most of the students brought items on Wednesday, and about 25 students brought items today. Brown said Presby wanted all the students to see the good work they have done.

Brown said she believed around 546 items were collected to be donated to the community closet. Presby has around 230 students, “so it’s a huge achievement for some little preschoolers.”

Being opposite each other, Presby and the First United Methodist Church have a kind of working relationship. Brown said she thought it was one of Presby’s board members who suggested the donations and, with different ideas, it all came together.

“It was a beautiful little event and I think it will be memorable for the kids,” Brown said.

She said they thought it was the best way for the students to see the good deed they’ve done instead of having an event where the items were shipped to a place the students knew nothing about.

“And we were hoping that doing it with such a large group would create a real, memorable experience for everyone,” she said.

“Our number one goal is just to show the kids the love of Jesus and, you know, making them experience the love here in the building and allowing us to physically give that love in another way, I think. it’s a magical thing to see the genuine love that little children and the joy they can bring because they are so pure, ”said Brown.