Presbyterian Church worries about legacy plans for Northern Ireland unrest

The Presbyterian Church General Assembly in Belfast has expressed “grave concern” to Secretary of State Brandon Lewis for “undermining” devolution, saying his legacy proposals deprive survivors and victims of the Troubles of any chance of justice.

he government intends to end all prosecutions for unrest related offenses.

The Rev. Daniel Kane, chairman of the Public Affairs Council, told the General Assembly that “navigating the fragile political landscape after Brexit and the NI protocol has been tricky to say the least”.

The Council expressed “deep concern over the current proposals” and said that while the Stormont House Agreement “(SHA) was not perfect,” we have publicly declared our support for the four key principles of the SHA, in particular the right of victims and survivors to seek due process and justice in the courts ”.

“What has been proposed by the Secretary of State denies them that possibility.”

However, a number of speakers said it was time to end the past. They included the former moderator, Dr John Dunlop, who said: “In most cases, the truth is inaccessible and therefore justice is not available.”

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