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Saint-Barthélemy is a community of people formed in the likeness of Jesus and directed towards God, the poor and the world. As a church, we exist for the fulfillment of others. Our parishioners come from all over Nashville for our beautiful liturgy and music, our robust training offerings, our warm hospitality, and the centrality of prayer in our lives together. Additionally, a group of South Sudanese call St. B’s house and worship in Dinka, their native language. Our combined ASA is 325 people.

As we emerge from the COVID pandemic, we remain strongly connected through our interactions and our desire to be transformed by God’s grace. At heart, we are a relational church. We come from many denominational backgrounds and have theologically diverse opinions. We recognize the natural tension inherent in this fact. Yet faith in Jesus is what holds this community together.

Our priorities for the future include building the community of Christ, being a refuge of prayer, and loving others as ourselves.

We are looking for a rector who:

  • Love Jesus and teach through sermons that connect us to God’s love
  • Values ​​our diverse and collaborative culture
  • Has strong interpersonal and administrative skills
  • Has skills and desire to foster a culture of generous giving
  • Helps us engage in social justice as an outgrowth of our faith
  • Helps us identify and use our spiritual gifts

St. Bartholomew’s is located in a quiet area of ​​a great school district just a short drive from downtown Nashville. In addition to a shrine and church hall, our campus includes a walking path and a four-room rectory (2,800 square feet in total).

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