Retail startups hiring include Klaviyo, Bolt, Fabric


  • As e-commerce has reached new heights, running an online business has become more and more complex.
  • Retail startups like Klaviyo, Bolt, and Fabric are raising millions to create innovative tools.
  • We asked the top VCs for their picks for retail startups you should bet your career on in 2022.

As e-commerce has become the default mode of purchase for many during the Covid-19 pandemic, brands online have sought increasingly sophisticated ways to reach their customers.

This means plenty of opportunities for startups specializing in retail technology. Startups solve a host of problems for online sellers, from customer acquisition and marketing to logistics and the supply chain. Changes to consumer privacy policies like those made by Apple in 2021 make it even more difficult for merchants to find new customers, while brands large and small have faced shipping and supply issues in materials this year.

Insider has found 17 of the best retail tech startups to bet their careers on in 2022, focusing on companies that are raising venture capital and are currently hiring. We sought recommendations from some of the top VCs investing in e-commerce and noted when they had financial stakes in the companies they named.

Some of the featured startups are working on ways for buyers to pay with one click, while others focus on maintaining site speed and customer experience through the use of headless commerce, a technological infrastructure that separates customer-facing platforms from their backs. end code. Still others help businesses coordinate their logistics operations as they change rapidly.

Startup CEOs shared their 2022 plans with Insider, along with what makes their company a great place to work. They will compete for talent as millions of workers quit their jobs during ‘The Great Resignation’ of 2021:


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