Sacramento CCDH to Host Open House to Honor Holocaust Victims with Genocide Prevention Education Program

Jim Van Hill, director of CCHR Sacramento, will host an educational program aimed at helping prevent future genocides.

Sacramento CCHR will hold an open house to honor Holocaust victims with an educational program aimed at helping prevent future genocide.

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, USA, January 26, 2022 / — The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) of Sacramento will commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day with an open house at the Church of Scientology on Friday, January 28, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

The United Nations General Assembly had a dual purpose when it instituted the day of remembrance in 2005: to honor the six million Jews and millions of other Holocaust victims killed by the Nazis and to urge the elaboration educational programs to help prevent future genocides.

To further this goal, Jim Van Hill, President of CCHR Sacramento, will discuss the causes of the Holocaust as well as how to end these continuing evils.

According to psychiatrist Dr. Peter Breggin, German psychiatrists laid the groundwork for the Holocaust in the 1930s when they began to exterminate its psychiatric population, an action carried out without any involvement from Hitler. This was part of their euthanasia campaign to eliminate “life unworthy of life”. They developed the fake showers fed with poisonous gas, mass cremation and well-organized transport to death centers. In fact, the four best medical observers of the Nuremberg trials agreed that the Holocaust might never have happened without German psychiatrists demonstrating the feasibility of systematic, organized murder.[1]

Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) provides an example of one of the horrific practices of German psychiatrists that is still used today. An ECT “treatment” sends up to 460 volts of electricity[2] through the brain, causing a grand mal seizure. For reference, this amount of electricity is enough to power five stadium lights.

The introduction of ECT in Germany aroused particular interest from senior officials of the Nazi regime. Researchers Lara Rzesbutzek and Sascha Lang in Medical History in 2017 wrote: “electroconvulsive therapy [in the Third Reich] was not only introduced into psychiatric hospitals, asylums, and the Auschwitz concentration camp in order to put patients back to work, it was also modified for “euthanasia” murder.[3]

When it looked like Germany might lose the war, German psychiatrists began to describe ECT as standard medical practice. They escaped prosecution at Nuremberg by effectively redefining torture as therapy and covering up their crimes. Not only was the Nazis’ use of electroshock never brought to justice, but ECT is now a $5.4 billion industry with psychiatrists rationalizing its use as “a medical practice standard”.

Yet research shows just how destructive it really is. At least a third of patients who received electroshock experienced permanent amnesia.[4] An FDA safety study revealed significant risks of cognitive and memory dysfunction, brain damage and death.[5] In fact, based on a study of ECT deaths in Texas, it is estimated that approximately 70 people undergoing ECT in America may die each year. Texas also found that the suicide rate for patients after ECT was 13 times the state suicide rate in one year.[6]

UN special rapporteur even called involuntary ECT ‘torture'[7] and in July 2018, the UN Human Rights Council report on “Mental Health and Human Rights” called on governments to recognize that forced psychiatric treatment, including electroshock, is “ practices constituting torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment…”.[8]

The late Dr Thomas Szasz, professor of psychiatry and co-founder of CCHR, said: “And if some doctors do harm – torture rather than heal, kill the soul rather than care for the body – it is, in part , because society, through the intermediary of the State, asks them, and pays them, to do so.

“We saw this happen in Nazi Germany and we hanged many doctors. We see it happening in the Soviet Union and we denounce the doctors with righteous indignation. But when will we see the same things happening in so-called free societies? When will we publicly recognize and identify the medical criminals among us? »

For more information on what CCHR Sacramento is doing to help eradicate suppressive psychiatric abuse such as ECT, attend the Open House on January 28 at the Church of Scientology, 1007 6th Street, Downtown Sacramento. The hours of the event are from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights was co-founded by the Church of Scientology and the late Dr. Thomas Szaz, Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry in 1969 to expose psychiatric human rights violations and clean up the field of mental healing. Alerted to the brutality of psychiatric treatment by author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard who has written extensively on the abuse of psychiatric patients, CCHR stands today as a powerful voice of reason for the abused and their continued advocacy for reforms. For more information, log onto their website at:

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