‘Samaritan’s Feet’ Joins Bella Vista Church to Help McDonald County Students

Each student who registered not only received a new pair of shoes, but they also received a bag full of socks, a hygiene kit and a “note of hope”.

BELLA VISTA, Ark.–MOn Saturday, families in the Donald County School District crossed the Missouri-Arkansas border, seeking help from neighbors in the neighboring state.

“One of our teachers at one of our schools … had been in contact with people from Samaritan’s Feet, and they were able to talk about some of the opportunities to donate shoes to the district,” said Ken Schutten, coordinator of media communications for the McDonald County School District. “And as they got down to looking at the needs in McDonald County, they were just going to do a few different school buildings. But as they looked at the needs of the district, they decided to go ahead and open it up to all of our students across the district, from toddlers to high school seniors. “

Samaritan’s Feet, an organization whose goal is to make sure no child goes without shoes, has partnered with the Village Bible Church of Bella Vista to help students in Mcdonald County.

“We have distributed over 8 million pairs of shoes worldwide and in the United States. our main focus is to work with school systems just like the schools in McDonald County…Bella Vista Village Bible Church came to our side and they are a partner in this and their generosity, time, resources to set this up and organize the event. They made it all possible, so they donated to us. We were able to secure the shoes and the McDonald County school system helped us identify all the kids who needed shoes and get their sizes. So we could have a great distribution event,” said Kyle Alexander, Samaritan’s Feet Regional Manager.

On Saturday, approximately 174 pairs of shoes were distributed to families in need. JThe cast was in one state, but only about 13 miles away.

“The need has been seen in Mcdonald County, and there are a lot of students there who need shoes. So we were like, you know what? They are very close to us, only a few kilometers away. Of course, we’d love to serve there, and so even though we’re not in Mcdonald County, we just saw the need there,” church pastor Al Frank said.

So the Village Bible Church and Samaritan’s Feet got to work.

“We ordered 350 pairs of shoes. we are going to serve about 175 students today who need shoes. and then we’re going to start a shoe locker in McDonald County for students and teachers, teachers and administrators,” Frank said.

For McDonald County students, the law has shown them that kindness knows no bounds, even across state lines.

“This is a community in Arkansas crossing state lines to help a community in Missouri. and so when you look at that and when you look at benevolence and compassion, you can see there’s really no state line that we’re all one community and we’re all helping each other. And so I think it’s just a fantastic example of that,” Schutten said.

This was the first time Samaritan’s Feet reached out across state lines to help — and they say it’s a blessing.

“It’s a really cool experience to be able to give a kid a whole new pair of shoes in the size they need,” said Alexander.

Each student who registered not only received a new pair of shoes, but they also received a bag full of socks, a hygiene kit and a “note of hope”.

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