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CONTRIBUTED CONTENT — Choosing a lawyer to represent your case is one of the most important decisions you can make when charged with a crime. Serving clients throughout Utah since 2003, the criminal defense experts at Schatz Anderson & Associates are committed to helping clients avoid jail time.

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“An arrest is not a conviction,” attorney Jason Schatz said. “Don’t let him become one.”

Navigating a criminal case can be stressful and confusing for any defendant. Impaired driving cases are particularly complex and difficult to argue, but Schatz Anderson & Associates specializes in providing a full defense for any drunk or drug-related driving offence.

Clients who admit to committing the alleged crime often ask Schatz why they should hire an attorney, as well as how a defense attorney might still be able to help them with their case.

“The fact is, we all make mistakes,” he said. “Even though someone may have committed the crime they are charged with, a competent and knowledgeable lawyer can improve the outcome of the case.”

Criminal cases can be dismissed for a number of reasons, Schatz said. Police officers sometimes take action without proper legal justification, such as performing an illegal traffic stop or performing an illegal search. A defense attorney can file a motion to suppress illegally obtained evidence, leading to a dismissal of the charges. Additionally, officers may not follow proper procedures, which may also result in the suppression of evidence.

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“A thorough investigation of your case and a careful and thorough examination of the evidence can reveal a defense that you might not even have thought possible,” he added.

Even if there’s no full defense to the charges, Schatz said having an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to defend you can result in a lighter sentence. Prior to plea bargaining, attorneys at Schatz Anderson & Associates often help clients enroll in mental health counseling and/or addiction treatment. Other activities, such as performing community service and paying restitution, can also persuade prosecutors and judges to consider the case more leniently.

Schatz and his colleagues strive to help clients avoid the most damaging consequences of a criminal conviction, which can include jail time, loss of driving privileges, immigration consequences or suspension. a professional license. Some clients may accept a pending plea and be placed on probation. If they fully comply with the terms of probation, the charge will ultimately be dismissed without conviction.

“In many cases, there may be explanations, mitigating circumstances or personal circumstances that can be used to argue for a more favorable outcome,” he added.

Schatz and Steve Anderson joined forces to form Schatz Anderson & Associates in 2003. Today, it is the state’s leading DUI defense firm, with fully staffed offices in Salt Lake City and St. George.

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Both Schatz and Anderson are members of the Utah State Bar, the Salt Lake County Bar, the Utah Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and from the National College of DUI Defense. Together, they accounted for over 5,000 DUI cases.

Although DUI defense accounts for approximately 75% of the company’s caseload, they represent many types of criminal cases, from misdemeanors such as drug possession and domestic violence to felonies including assault. serious crimes, car theft, drug distribution and robbery.

“We’re ready to meet the needs of everyone across the state,” Schatz said. “There probably isn’t a court in Utah that I haven’t been to at some point.”

The attorneys at Schatz Anderson & Associates have over 50 years of combined experience in Utah DUI and criminal defense. To schedule a free consultation, call 435-251-9647 or visit their website.

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