Seminole tribe facing tough legal battle over online sports betting



The legal battle over sports betting in Florida is intensifying. The Seminole tribe of Florida is asking a federal judge to stay the decision that overturns the gambling pact that allows sports betting applications.

Although no action has been taken, the gaming app is still functioning despite the judge’s grip on the gaming contract.

In every game there are winners and losers. In Florida’s online sports betting legal standoff, the Seminole tribe is the big loser. At least for now.

Daniel Wallach, a gambling and sports betting lawyer, said: “If a company gets a monopoly on this major new product, it will be to the detriment of all other competitors in the industry. “

This is why West Flagler Associates, the owners of Bonita Springs Poker Room and Magic City Casino have filed a lawsuit.

They want a share of the sports betting action, and without it, they claim they won’t survive.

“On the first day that the Tribal App was available, Magic City Casino experienced a 35% drop in revenue or business. I think what the tribe did was strengthen the West Llag lawyers’ claim for irreparable harm, ”Wallach said.

The Seminole Tribe filed a brief with the court claiming that if the federal court closed its sports betting application, they would suffer this irreparable harm.

The tribe has asked the same judge who ruled their deal with Florida illegal to allow sports betting to continue while the appeal process unfolds.

The tribe claims their app has already made millions and has hired new staff to run it and the money is paying for necessary tribal programs.

Wallach said: “I think it is, if there is any evil here, it is entirely of the Seminole tribes’ own making.”

Wallach said punters are wary. “If there’s an additional injunction or order, shutting everything down and you’ve deposited money into the Hardrock digital app, will you be able to get it out right away?” “

That’s the multi-million dollar question.

The Seminole Tribe have asked the judge to approve their request to continue betting on Wednesday, but so far that has not happened.


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