The community comes together to remember Marvelous Walton

Friends, family and classmates came out to remember St. Francis student Marvelous Walton at GESU Church on Sunday after he was fatally shot on Saturday.

TOLEDO, Ohio — The community held a vigil on Sunday for Marvelous Walton, a Saint Francis De Sales student and college football player who was killed on Saturday.

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“You are terribly and wonderfully made. Wonderfully made,” Father John Newman said as he read the scripture for 17-year-old Walton.

Friends, family and fellow knights filled the altars of GESU Catholic Church remembering one of their own.

One that pays tribute to them – former St. Francis football coach Bruce Gradkowski.

“I can’t get his smile out of my head, and I’m happy about that because I mean that’s the kind of person he was. He affected the room that way, I mean just the way he smiled and his personality,” Gradkowski said.

Gradkowski is known in the community for his own accomplishments. He coached Walton and knows the importance of having a team, support and brotherhood.

“You can’t go through something like this alone, and you have to lean on each other. And it’s not right now, it’s not right now. It’s in a month, two months, in a few weeks,” he said. “So you guys need each other, and it’s cool to see the strong bond they have here at St. Francis.”

John Hobbs III is a member of the Toledo City Council for District 1.

He is also a former student of Saint Francis de Sales. He knows the importance of being together and wants to create the change he wants to see, especially after this ongoing violence in the community.

“We are not the council on our own, we need to all come together in the village to create this change. And unless we are angry enough to create this change, we will see it again and again”, said Hobbs III.

Hobbs says he is committed to helping the family in any way he can and will pray. But even then, he says it’s still not enough and we need to do more.

“Prayer is not enough, prayer or faith without action is dead,” he said.

For the last 15 minutes, the elderly gathered to sing the Alma Mater and united, while the church stood in solidarity with athlete, student and young man, Walton.

At the end of the vigil, those who wanted to pay tribute to him were able to write a message to Marvelous and his family which will be given to his mother. St. Francis will continue to arrange counseling services over the next few days.

Walton’s death marked the 29th homicide in Toledo and the 6th involving a minor.

If you have any information, you can call or text Crime Stoppers at 419-255-1111. You can remain anonymous and be eligible for a reward.

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