The new pastor of the Friedens church will be installed on Sunday

Chris McNaney will be officially installed on September 25 as the new senior pastor of the New Life Assembly of God in Friedens. Chris and his wife, Samantha, grew up in Westmoreland County, he said about an hour down Route 31. “To enter the ministry because I really felt a call from God to do so,” he said in an email. “While on a retreat with my youth group in high school, I felt that God was nudging me in the direction of pastoral ministry, so I began to walk in this direction. Since then God has shown me how He has equipped me to be a faithful pastor.

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“I have seen so many people walk away from the church for really unfortunate reasons, and I think I have been called to accompany people who have struggled with God and the Church in the past and to accompany them in this pain in a way in a way that does not end with them giving up their faith, but with a renewed and more genuine faith in God. There is something truly special and rewarding about doing what God created to do.” told him before he even got to church. “He said his prayer was for ‘new life in New Life,'” McNaney said. “That’s my biggest goal. “For the past seven years, the couple has been in northeastern Pennsylvania where they have served as pastors in a church overseeing teen ministry and small group discipleship. “New Life is a great church with great people, facilities and a rich history of ministry in this community nautical,” McNaney said. “My prayer is that my gifts may carry the church forward into a new season marked by new life in New Life. I want us to be a church that engages in our community, welcomes anyone who walks through the doors, and takes the Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus seriously.We want to show our community what a group of people devoted to God really looks like – a people marked by love, hope, joy and peace.

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The McNaneys have a dog named Daisy. He said they also share a love for sweet tea and the TV show “The Office” and can’t wait to see what God has in store for New Life. “I’m having a good time with the transition so far,” he said. . “I got to know the amazing people of New Life and explored the communities of Friedens and Somerset, and I still feel like God has something big planned for me and my wife, this church and this region.” “We chose Pastor Chris to be our pastor because he has the same vision for the church as we do. He wants to bring new life to New Life and help us impact the community for God,” said Geary Ritenour, who was the chairman of the board throughout the transition in the absence of a senior pastor. “We want New Life to be a healthy and thriving church, and we believe pastors Chris and Sam are the people God has brought to help us get there.”

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“We are thrilled to begin this journey as church leaders in the Somerset community,” McNaney said. “I’m extremely interested in meeting more people in these communities, so we’d love to have you on a Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. or feel free to stop by any time you see a car in the parking lot.”

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