They are not members, but they donated to remodel a church

“I’m not an Adventist, but when they started building a church in front of my business, I went straight to the pastor to tell him I wanted to donate for the renovation project,” Freddy Alcívar, a well-known merchant in Santa Lucia, Ecuador, said. Alcivar generously donated a large sum to support the reconstruction project, even though he is not a member of the church.

“They accepted me and they received me with great affection,” Alcivar continued. “God has been very good to me, and I needed to give back to him because he gives me many blessings. I know that thanks to this reconstruction project, the Lord is giving me a special call and I will not delay in accepting it.

The Seventh-day Adventist community of Santa Lucía opened its first Nuevo Tiempo (New Time) Bible study center and renovated church in this southern Ecuadorian town. The official ceremony was held on July 23, 2022. Local government officials and Adventist leaders in Ecuador were present and participated.

For local pastor Adalberto Orozco, the reconstruction of the church building became a reality thanks to God’s provision and many church members who got involved. But he also acknowledged the support of locals like Alcívar.

“It’s amazing how the hand of God was in all this work. People stopped and donated bags of cement, asking what they could do to support the initiative. These people are not members of the church, but they said they were touched by their interactions with other members,” Orozco said. “And they not only contributed to the project, but also committed to participate in our services and activities.”

The dedication ceremony for the church and Bible study center included special musical elements, the baptism of three people, and the official opening of the first session of Bible classes in the new facilities. Currently, more than 15 people are studying the Bible there.

At the Nuevo Tiempo center, church members encourage guests to learn and ultimately share the hope of Jesus’ second coming and God’s love for humanity. It is a place where church members and guests also eat together, as Adventist members make sure to meet the needs of those who come.

This is the second Nuevo Tiempo center to be inaugurated in the region, regional church leaders said. “Thanks to the new facilities, local churches can now accommodate more guests,” they said. “Church members can be trained in various ministries to serve the community, and residents say they appreciate the Adventist presence in the area.”

The original version of this story was posted on the South American Division in Spanish news sites.

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