Top 20 Biglaw Firms Finally Decide It’s Time To Show The Money To Their Associates – Outside New York

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It’s been a few months since Davis Polk blew the lid on associate wages, and while many companies have raised wages in one way or another, many of them have adopted ladders. scale across the country. Some elite companies have taken their time and are just starting to get started.

For example, in June, Greenberg Traurig – which generated gross sales of $ 1,730,230,000 in 2020, placing it 16th in the latest Am Law 100 ranking – reportedly increased associate salaries in New York, but would have left other offices hanging. Now at least one other GT office has joined in the monetary madness that brought associates joy during the pandemic. But which one?

Welcome to Miami. Welcome to Miami.

Sources began contacting us earlier this week to let us know that Greenberg Traurig’s Miami office had announced increases. “No more black boxes for all the years,” said one of our sources. That’s right, GT Miami is now on a pay scale with a billable target of 2,000 hours. This is what it looks like:

The firm’s partners couldn’t be happier, and firm insiders tell us the partners were especially proud to have been able to make the announcement. With two businesses now paying the market in Miami, you better believe this beach party town has struck the big bang for Biglaw. Here’s what another elated associate said:

GT Miami is Davis Polk’s compensation. The firm has done an outstanding job throughout the pandemic and has always invested heavily in the morale, development and general well-being of associates. The associates are all delighted and grateful.

Congratulations to all of the Greenberg Traurig Miami office.

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