Trussville Council Approves Proclamation Honoring 165th Anniversary of Mt. Joy Baptist Church

According to The Tribune staff reports

TRUSSVILLE — The Trussville City Council approved a proclamation honoring the 165th anniversary of Mt. Joy Baptist Church at its Tuesday, August 9, council meeting.

(L to R) Councilmember Perry Cook, Councilmember Ben Short, Councilmember Lisa Bright, Pastor Larry Hollman, Mayor Buddy Choat, Councilmember Alan Taylor, Councilmember Jaime Anderson. (Photo by Hannah Curran)

According to a proclamation read by council member Alan Taylor, Mt. Joy Baptist Church is the “oldest African-American church in Jefferson County, Alabama, having begun ministry to the ‘colored’ community in 1857. , before the Civil War and the Emancipation Proclamation.”

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The proclamation declares that despite Mt. Joy’s humble beginnings during this dark period in our nation’s history, this community of believers has persevered and clung to their belief in the worship and service of God, who judges all mankind, not by the color of their skin, but by the love, devotion and devotion of their hearts.

“It’s good when you’re recognized in the county and the state, it’s better when the people who know you and live with you recognize you,” Pastor Larry Hollman said. “Our purpose at Mt. Joy is to spread the gospel, to spread love, harmony and peace, and to know that only what we do for Christ will last. We will continue to be the citizens here in Trussville with this growing community. I hope we will grow with you.

Mt. Joy continues to be a thriving and adaptable church community here in Trussville.

Mt. Joy offers dance, puppet, health and spiritual retreat ministries, among other creative programs, to keep its members deeply engaged in the church.

Mt. Joy continues to be a place where the afflicted find solace and solace, where the imperfect find forgiveness and a second chance, and where the proud find humility.

The citizens of the Town of Trussville and Mt. Joy Baptist Church share a beautiful friendship because Mt. Joy has always been a great neighbor in our extended community.

The Trussville City Council proclaims that the city recognizes the week of August 15-21 as the 165th anniversary week of the Mt. Joy Baptist Church.

On behalf of Mt. Joy, the Mayor, Council and all citizens of Trussville, we thank you for this honor,” Hollman said.

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