Tulsa woman continues to be recognized for trendy Sunday church outfits during pandemic – FOX23 News

TULSA, Oklahoma (KOKI) – Local fashionista La Verne Ford Wimberly has received a ton of attention for dressing to perfection during a year of virtual church services.

Now his fashion sense has made him a local celebrity with all the perks.

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For 52 consecutive Sundays, Wimberly connected to virtual worship at the Metropolitan Baptist Church. For each service, she donned a matching outfit and hat and posted a selfie on Facebook to prove it.

The fashion guru has now returned to church in person and has some following in the community. She tells FOX23 that she is often recognized in Tulsa.

She has been featured in television interviews, newspaper articles and magazines. Most recently, she was featured in ‘InStyle’ magazine in an article honoring strong women during the pandemic.

Along with her celebrity status, she has also received stylish outfits from clothing companies and is working on writing a book about her experience.

While the past few months have been exciting for the local fashion icon, at the end of the day, she hopes her actions will put people in a smile.

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