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PINE MOUNTAIN – Chipley Historic Center (CHC) is recruiting the public to participate in a day of public clean-up at the historic Pine Mountain Bethany Baptist Church Black Cemetery, according to a news release.

“As we continue to help our community better understand those who came before us, it is important to protect the heritage of places and things that share this information, such as a cemetery,” said Cindy Bowden, vice president of the HCC.

“Here at the Center, we have more and more people coming to do genealogical research on their families. Having our historic cemeteries – all of our cemeteries – cleaned and maintained is very important and a great reason for all of our citizens to help out. Let’s keep everything Pine Mountain ready for the guests.

Cleanup day is scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. on Saturday, April 23, and will continue throughout the day.

The church cemetery is located at 16331 GA-18, Pine Mountain, Georgia, 31822.

Church members will provide hot dogs, hamburgers, side dishes, desserts and beverages. Everyone is welcome. Participants are asked to wear work clothes and shoes and to bring all the necessary tools (lawnmower, weedkiller, etc.). Parking will be on the church grounds and, when full, across the street at the recycling center.

“It is important to preserve the past, which helps shape present and future generations,” said Josephine Bray, a member of Bethany Baptist Church.

The church was founded on June 12, 1877. According to the “History of the Baptist Church of Bethany”, compiled by Lillian D. Champion, originally “slaves of plantation owners frequented Bethany with white families . They were accepted as members of the church, were baptized, and many were buried in part of the old cemetery.

History documents the meeting of the church in several places. Some of these locations include the services taking place in a freight house purchased by the congregation in February 1885, which was moved to purchased land south of the road.

On March 24, 1908, the church was destroyed by a storm that left only the ground where the church stood. Thanks to community members and contributions, Bethany was rebuilt, during which time Mount Zion Church opened its doors and allowed the Bethany Church family to gather there. On June 8, 1952, Bethany reassembled the first stone of the church.

Although the church has remained in the same location since then, the facilities have been modernized under the leadership of Reverend William Robinson, who became the pastor on May 12, 2001 and continues in that role today.

Whitney Ligon, a member of Bethany Baptist Church and Chipley Historic Center, explained why she was thrilled to be involved in this project: “Preserving the legacy of our ancestors is important, and cemeteries are our tangible connections to the past. ”

To learn more about the CHC, visit https://chipleyhistoriccenter.org/, call (706) 663-4044, or email [email protected] The Center is located at 146 McDougald Avenue, Pine Mountain.

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