Warm welcome: group of churches make blankets and donate to organizations serving babies – The Daily Reporter

NEW PALESTINE – Fabrics, neatly folded and stacked, fill shelf after shelf in the metal cabinet.

Pastel flowers on navy blue background. Soothing purple streaks with subtle lavender peas. Comfortable brown checkered flannel.

In the room next to the cabinet-lined hallway, Deborah Carey is leaning over a round white table, using a needle to prick thread into the fabric with bunnies on it, so she can tie knots for a knotted quilt.

“We just put it together,” she said of the layers of the fabric-cotton-fabric sandwich that the knots pull.

She is one of many women who meet twice a month during the fall and winter to make knotted quilts in the Baby Blanket Ministry at Brookville Road Community Church.

The women meet on a Tuesday for several hours, chatting and tying quilts. Knotted quilts come home with Janelle Adams, who will add a border and label each one with a bible verse reference.

Later, she and her husband, Curtis, will deliver the quilts to various organizations that work with babies and children, such as Healthy Families Hancock County, Life Choices Care Center in Greenfield, and Clarity Pregnancy Services in Shelbyville.

In 1996, she was looking for a way to serve and prayed that God would show her the right way.

“I walked into the church and there was a sign that (the covering ministry) was just starting,” she recalls.

When the head of the department later moved, Adams became head. Several of the women participating today became interested in the quilt after attending a Bible study with Adams and hearing her talk about it.

Quilts measure 45 by 36 inches or 45 by 45 inches, depending on the width of the fabric roll. Since 1996, more than 9,000 blankets have been produced and distributed, most here, but some as far as Africa. Some of the fabric is purchased by the church, but much of it comes from donations of money or fabric, be it flannel, cotton, polyester, or whatever.

“We use almost everything… as long as it’s hot,” Adams says.

The verse quoted on the label she sews on the quilts is Matthew 19:14: “Jesus said, ‘Suffer little children to come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven is theirs. “

“It’s a wonderful feeling,” said Adams, “to know that you are doing (something) for these little babies.”

The groups receiving the blankets appreciate the gesture. Katie Fletcher, site supervisor for Healthy Families, said new parents receive blanket during the baby’s welcome visit.

“We’ve received several comments that it’s so nice to have something for their baby,” Fletcher said. “We also see them throughout our visits. They still keep them and they use them.

Linda Vodney, director of the Life Choices Care Center, said several churches are providing blankets at the center. If parents need coverage for a child, they can get it; the center also offers clothing up to size 2T.

Additionally, when a woman shows up for a pregnancy test and the test is positive, employees at Life Choices give her a congratulatory gift bag filled with various items, including two blankets – usually a crochet and a quilt. tied like those made at Chemin de Brookville.

Churches bringing blankets often tell Life Choices staff that someone has prayed for future recipients. Knowing this, Vodney said, “We tell them that the women of the church made them and prayed for them and their babies.

“We want them to know that the people in the community care about and support them.”

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