Wayne, Holmes marriages, divorces, breakups

Marriage licenses

Holmes County

Dillon M. Baird, 138 S. Washington St., apt. B, Millersburg, concrete worker, and Rachil L. Reynolds, 138 S. Washington St., Apt. B, Millersburg, owner of a dance studio.

Joseph S. Sware, 132258 State Route 39, Big Prairie, Panda Roof – sales, and Martha S. Fisher, 13225 State Route 39, Big Prairie, Berlin Resort.

Thomas A. Conley, 374 S. Mad Anthony St., Millersburg, body technician, and Rachel M. Crawford, 374 S. Mad Anthony St., Millersburg, cashier – DQ- Berlin.

Robert U. Byler, 29820 Arnholt Road, Danville, construction, and Fannie A. Miller, 13590 Township Road 472, Lakeville, housewife.

Cody R. Zollars, 8115 Munson Highway, Milton, Fla., Irrigation technician, and Makala D. Neptune, 8115 Munson Highway, Milton, Fla, cashier.

Marcus P. Troyer, 9931 Copperhead Road NW, Sugarcreek, Yoder Wood Products, and Esther A. Miller, 4178 US 62, Millersburg, housewife.

Adam J. Nisley, 4580 Township Road 184, Millersburg, carpenter – owner, and Ruth A. Troyer, 54166 Township Road 85, Baltic, housewife.

Matthew D. Litty, 139 E. High Ave., New Philadelphia, banker, and Bianca N. Miller, 5140 Township Raod 401, Millersburg, interior designer.

Wayne County

Jared M. Moreno, 21, 18273 Racine Road, Marshaville, Inspector General, and Lilly A. Clow, 20, 18273 Racine Road, Marshallville, unemployed.

Nicholas H. Rieder, 25, 2603 Peach Lane, Wooster, welder, and Taylor L. Sacramone, 25, 2603 Peach Lane, Wooster, barber.

Carson L. Rogers, 20, 602 S. Wells St., Shreve, assistant director production services, and Taylor L. Ardrey, 31, 602 S. Wells St., Shreve, event planner.

Gregory S. Mack, 26, 7642 Ruff Road, West Salem, truck driver, and Teresa R. Pimentel, 29, 10355 Lincoln Way E., Orrville, teacher.

Cody P. Sax, 27, 258 Church St., Doylestown, tire technician, and Stacey N. Thayer, 27, 258 Church St., Doylestown, machine operator.

Mindy M. Miller, 43, 922 11th St. NE, Massillon, delivery driver, and Kaeli R. Dial, 32, 728 Portage Road, Wooster, fundraiser.

Julian L. Hooser, 31, 231 E. Middle St., Burbank, assembly, and Courtney A. Kent, 30, 124 Diagonal Road, Burbank, responsible for processing services.

Samuel J. Troyer, 22, 5528 Fountain Nook Road, Apple Creek, roofer, and Marie L. Weaver, 19, 12867 Harrison Road, Apple Creek, housewife.

Abe J. Hershberger, 28, 9151 Zucher Road, Apple Creek, precut, and Nettie L. Hershberger, 24, 6833 Kansas Road, Apple Creek, N / A.

Harley D. Shimer, 27, 191 E. Marion St., Doylestown, night cleaner, and Caitlyn P. Lesher, 20, 191 E. Marion St., Doylestown, machine operator.

Randall L. Johnson, 53, 53 Melody Lane, Apple Creek, Trader, and Tracie L. Adams, 51, 53 Melody Lane, Apple Creek, Food Service Manager.

Jeffrey D. Rohr, 24, 2422 W. Sterling Road, Burbank, packaging technician, and Emily A. Wallick, 26, 2422 W. Sterling Road, Burbank, quality control technician.

Taylor W. Buss, 35, 2191 Star Drive, Wooster, sales, and Amanda M. Dillon, 32, 2191 Star Drive, Wooster, administrative partner.


Cheyenne Baker, 16 E. Market St., Marshallville, by Brian Baker, 3301 SE 94th St., Ocala, Florida. They married in 2007.

David Griffith, 266 Fairlawn Ave., Rittman, de Angela Griffith, 141 Carter St., Creston. They got married in 2018.


Yazmin McGuire, 709 N. Summit St., Barberton, and Jed McGuire, 57 Thonen St., Rittman. They got married in 2017.

Chrysalis Collins, 6601 2nd St., Sterling, and Scott Collins, 1365 W. Sterling Road, Burbank. They married in 2000.

Meghann Smith, 425 S. Vine St., Orrville, and Shane Rogers, 805 W. Oak St., Orrville. They got married in 2012.

David Shedron, 1684 Mechanicsburg Road, Wooster, and Miranda Shedron, 407 N. Walnut St., Wooster. They married in 2008.

Crystal Glassburn, 930 E. University St., Wooster, and James Glassburn, 529 E. North St., Apt. C, Wooster. They married in 2001.

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