Welcome Home: Mid-Missouri Pagan Community Gathers for Annual Celebration | Local

Surrounded by acres of vegetation, members of the Mid-Missouri Pagan community gathered this weekend for a celebration of spirituality and nature. Original melodies, the sound of bongos and spiritual music hummed across the 160-acre Oak Spirit Sanctuary property near Boonville on Saturday.

Friday marked the first day of the annual harvest return from the sanctuary. The event continues until Monday.

Participants crush grapes Saturday at the Harvest Homecoming Festival. “It’s physically gross, but spiritually it’s amazing,” said Kerry Lynn, former Oak Spirit Sanctuary board member.

Different types of grapes are harvested in a pool

Different types of grapes are collected from a pool, ready to be crushed during the Harvest Homecoming Festival.

Patrick Finney explains the importance of

Patrick Finney explains the significance of the Harvest Homecoming Festival Saturday at Oak Spirit Sanctuary. “It’s kind of like our family reunion event,” he said.

Left to right, Charli Leach and Roran Leach, 4, throw

From left, Charli Leach and Roran Leach, 4, toss grapes into a small pool on Saturday in preparation for the annual Harvest Homecoming Festival grape crush at the Oak Spirit Sanctuary in Boonville. The shrine uses the grapes to make its own wine to use for rituals throughout the year.

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