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GHAZIABAD: A 40-year-old woman and three of her associates have been arrested for the alleged murder of her stepfather during an organized burglary at a house in Tila Mor.
At around 3am on Friday, Jaswant Sharma was found dead – suffocated with a pillow – in his bedroom with his hands tied to the bed. Sharma’s youngest son, Pankaj, had traveled to Rajasthan with his wife and son for a mundane ceremony. The 75-year-old man’s eldest son, Pawan, died of a heart attack last January. While Sharma was in one room, her eldest daughter-in-law and Pawan’s wife Kavita were in another with her 19-year-old son.

Along with Kavita, the three others who were arrested were identified as Irshaad, Mohammad Naushad and Sajid, all from Meerut. A fourth defendant, Parvez, is at large. The 40-year-old woman had been warned on Friday even on a complaint from Pankaj.
Kavita, police said, was in a relationship with two men – Irshaad and Parvez – at the same time. Since her husband’s death in January, she had pushed Sharma to get a share of the family property and often argued with him over it.
“When we started questioning her, she first tried to mislead us by saying that the murder was the consequence of the burglary,” said Bhuvneshwar Kumar, the SHO of Tila Mor police station.
A few weeks ago, Kavita allegedly shared with her associates a plan to murder her stepfather and steal the money and jewelry she knew Pankaj had locked away in the almirah, police said. “They focused on Thursday night when Pankaj left for Rajasthan with his wife and child. She opened the main door herself and let the four accused enter. She also gave them the keys to Pankaj’s room and his almirah so they can steal the money and jewelry. On their way out they murdered Sharma after tying her hands to the bed,” the SHO said.
After they left, Kavita went back to her room, tied one of her hands to the bed, then set off an alarm. Her 19-year-old son, who was sleeping next to her, woke up and turned on the lights to find his mother’s hand tied to the bed. “They went to Sharma’s room and found him dead. The door to Pankaj’s room swung open and so did the almirah,” Kumar said.
There were a few shortcomings in the execution of the assassination plan that made the police frown. For example, the cops discovered that although cash and jewelry were missing, the locks of the almirah of Pankaj were intact. There were no signs of a break-in either, suggesting someone might have opened the door for the burglars to enter the house. Kavita, moreover, called Pankaj to inform him of the burglary, but remained silent about his father’s death.
“We had already detained Kavita. Around 10 p.m. Saturday, we were informed that the other defendants would be leaving town with the stolen items. But they were arrested at Koyal Enclave. We recovered the jewelry, Rs5,600 in cash, three mobile phones and an Apache bicycle,” the SHO said.
The defendants were convicted under Sections 302 (murder) and 394 (willfully injuring while committing robbery) of the IPC. They were brought to court and taken into custody.

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