Word of Life Ministries hosts the Fall Festival of Unity in the Community

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee (WATE) – Word of Life Ministries is teaming up with Obayana Ajanaku -Drums UP Guns Down to host the Unity Fall Festival in the Community on Saturday.

Dozens of people enjoyed the event that brought the community of East Knoxville together.

Word of Life Ministries Senior Pastor Kevin Perry knows how difficult this year has been for those who live in East Knoxville,

“I was chaplain of the KPD, 12 years as chaplain. So most of the time I’m at the scene of these tragedies, ”he said. “I do death notifications, I was part of the services for the young people who were killed, I am a former AE and I have probably attended or preached at 30 funerals this year. It’s important to see the community come together and love each other.

This year alone, Austin East High School recorded six student deaths.

“We should select colleges, but we chose coffins,” said Pastor Perry.

This is why Perry reached out to his congregation to see how their church could be a light in the community during dark times.

“There has been a lot of violence in this community lately and we just want to show up and bring everyone together and spread the word of God and love everyone,” said Mandi McEntee, member of Word of Life Ministries.

Their church provided a safe place and a fun event for all ages during their Unity in the Community Fall Festival.

Young pastor Nicolsha Scott said, “Bishop gave a vision of unity in the community and I said what better way to do it than a fall festival. It brings everyone out, it’s a good atmosphere, it’s good humor.

Pastor Perry added, “We have the bounce house, we have a funnel cake machine, we have Hamburger Hill, which is one of our vendors. We have make-up and games.

It is a message of unity that they hope to start in their church and reach out to the younger generations within the community.

“We are the future,” said Nicolsha Scott. “So we have to be the change that we want to see, and I think tonight we’ve shown that we want the change and I’m just happy that the ministries of the word of life and Pastor Perry had the heart, the vision. and the ability to put something. for our community.

Pastor Kevin Perry said they are already planning other events to continue to bring their community together in a positive way.

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